Making change happen in the north west

The Liverpool and Wirral Social Stock Exchange stands for something. It stands for change. Change in the way that investments are sought – and sold. To be listed here, a company must pass our stringent validation process. These companies can be big or small; so long as they have the potential to deliver viable returns and can demonstrate how they will aim to adhere to their own social and/or environmental mandates and missions. They are companies that we believe in and can honestly get behind.

The organisations that pass our vetting process and meet NEX’s listing requirements are then free to trade within our liquid and regulated marketplace. Using the Impact Report information generated through this process, investors can then seek out investments that speak to them and that reflect their individual impact goals, often in their local area. Investors can be confident that their money is being invested in credible, social or environmental companies. And business owners can rest assured that their investments are in excellent company.

The Liverpool and Wirral Social Stock Exchange stands for integrity and dependability. It’s the new (and only) marketplace where you can find impact investments or register your social impact business – and it hosts a busy, salient events calendar that will help to build and maintain momentum in this important new sector.

Ultimately, the Liverpool and Wirral Social Stock Exchange is the place where profit and progress can meet. The future of investing starts here.

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